Healing From the Land

Healing From the Land

Each summer Ombaashi provides access to an Indigenous Healing Summer School. The Summer School is focused on providing experiential learning opportunities for Indigenous students. We work with the community and explore the land around us while we connect with the land and learn about its ability to heal us.

EDUC 5990 – 10
Special Topics in Education (3,0,0) – 3 credits

The primary goal of colonization is to dispossess Indigenous peoples from their land and their identity. The negative impact that this disconnection has had on the health of Indigenous peoples has been profound. Decolonization must provide forms of education that reconnect Indigenous peoples to the land and to the healing powers of nature. This course is intended to help educators, healers, and human service workers to learn about the healing that can come from the land. Students will learn how the animals, plants, trees, rivers, rocks, sky, and mountains can be both healer and teacher. Students will collectively and individually explore, and experience land-based approaches to promote health and wellness.  Students will share their experiences and engage in dialogue with each other.

Day 1 Trees &Forests
Day 2 Rivers
Day 3 Lakes & Waters
Day 4 Plants & Earth
Day 5 Hills & Mountains