NGGS: Tik Tok Challenge

As a fun way to get you active with your family, all while getting in a laugh, Tenessa is going to run a TikTok competition! Examples for TikTok’s can be found below, but there are no restrictions to what you and your family can come up with! You can submit videos until Monday, June 28th, if participants are willing, the TikTok’s will be shared for all to see and get in a laugh. All participants will receive a gift.

Please upload your video here if you would like us to upload it for you, or send us a link to a video you’ve posted


♬ Intertribal – Battle River

Felt inspired by my bro @notoriouscree ! My first TikTok with my sisters. Our culture is beautiful. #indigenous #jingledress

♬ original sound – Tia Wood